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Holy Stool by François Chambard & UM Project, Fluorescent Red

Holy Stool by François Chambard & UM Project, Fluorescent Red

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Designed by UM Project as part of their ongoing Stool Series, the Holy Stool stands on three legs of solid wood. A visually appealing “trinity,” the legs are dipped in ultra-matte lacquer, a complement to the polished maple seat. The legs come in grey, light blue, white, natural, black or fluorescent red. Made according to the principles of traditional craftsmanship, the Holy Stool, like all of UM Project’s work, was designed and manufactured in the same Brooklyn studio. In addition to producing their designs in-house, UM Project sources their materials locally and regionally, conserving resources and building partnerships with neighboring businesses. Founded by François and Kathleen Chambard, UM Project, or Users and Makers, shares its initials with the designers’ daughters, Una and Milan. Given UM Project’s Brooklyn-based, team-oriented approach to design, it’s no surprise that the Holy Stool exemplifies family-friendly adaptability. The Holy Stool can be used as a seat, a footstool, or a small side table, and could work well in an office or in any room of the house, including a child’s playroom. The stool can be moved throughout one’s living and working spaces, serving as a bright, dynamic fixture in the lives of the whole family.

Additional Info

Materials: Maple, color lacquer

Dimensions: Diameter: 11” / 28.9 cm, standard 18.5” / 47 cm, counter 25.5” / 64.8 cm

Made in USA

This item normally ships within 48 hours

UM Project aka Users and Makers is a Brooklyn based furniture design company. They are inspired by old-world ateliers and fully embrace the digital world.From a single piece of furniture up to full environments and experiences, their projects come in all sizes. Um Project work with individuals, companies, architects and designers in the residential and commercial fields (hospitality, entertainment, corporate and more).They strive to deliver total solutions to their clients. Um Project is integrated and nimble, a hybrid between a workshop for fabrication, a laboratory for discovery and a consulting practice for design.

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