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Animal Index by +d, Set of 3

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SKU: GS-animal+d
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Whether our readers are organizing their collection of magazines or standing tall for the protection of books' spines, you love books. These cards in the shape of animal silhouettes were designed by Hiroshi Sasagawa to add visual interest and organization to your book shelves. So what are you waiting for? Turn your bookcase into a zoo!!!

Additional Info

Matrerial - Plastic

Pack of 3 - Giraffe, Pig and Reindeer

+d is an innovative Japanese brand of interior decorating items collaboratively designed by h concept ([a∫kαnsept] pronounced "ash concept") and interior designers. The brand started in 2002. What did the designers think and feel during this process, and why did they make what they did? They carefully nurtured their concepts, from the first seed of an idea until its final blossoming, making sure that the feelings of the product's designer would be passed on to anyone who encounters it.

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